Dawn Red and the Ruiner of Everything

Dawn Red and the Ruiner of Everything

Hi, I’m Dawn. I WANTED to become the greatest wizard, but SOMEONE stopped me. That “someone” is…One Eye. First name One. Last name Eye. One is a LITTLE DEMON that uses STUPID SPELLS to get everyone else’s G.P.A. down so HE can be the best. We HATE him. Who is “we?” Oh, me and my friends, of course: Beriley, a very nice witch who can reduce spells; Dusk, an absolute trash talker; Devil, a very dangerous daredevil; and me. I’m a dragon studier.

One day in class at McGaliea’s Castle, I was about to go to the front of the class to say a spell. But then, in the middle of my spell, ONE CAME IN AND DID THE TONGUE-TWISTER CURSE. Then Beriley came up and she reduced the effects. As One walked out, Dusk yelled, “You dumb jerk!” One ran out of the castle and Dusk followed him.

Around dusk that day, people were posting and handing out flyers for the magic show next month. Everyone wanted to audition, but only very few got to do it. Also, more lizards from the House of Lizards than anyone else got to be in the magic show. It was a very close number, but the lizards won. Luckily, I got into the magic show, and some of my friends did too — Devil was the only friend who didn’t.

A month later was the magic show. I found One before the magic show, so that he couldn’t mess me up. Luckily he didn’t — I did the Tongue-Twister and the Obeaus Curse on him before he could do the curse on me.

First up was Beriley. She was doing a spell on a banner — a lizard banner. She did a flaming spell and we were able to choose what we did it on. That spell was very successful, and she was able to destroy what she had always wanted to.

Next up was a gerbil that I didn’t really care about, followed by an owl that I didn’t really care about, followed by a badger that I didn’t really care about, followed by a lizard that I didn’t really care about, followed by, last but not least, an owl that I kind of cared about, but not enough to watch what they were doing.

Then it was Dusk’s turn to cast a spell. He did it right, and it was so successful that he became one of the higher-ranked, just like Beriley and me.

Finally it was my turn. I did the most simple magic trick — a bunny in a hat. But right when I was about to go on, I forgot what to say, and I just said whatever came out of my mouth. I said the wrong spell, but they let me have a second chance. That time I did it perfectly. I got a chance to do one more spell, which was Beriley’s classic Fire Trick, and that spell was as perfect as could be.

I was about to tell my friends (they had left before they could see what I was doing), and then One came and did the Tongue-Twister Curse on me and ran out! Then Dusk ran out of the castle after One. Beriley undid the curse on me again, One got expelled and we were as happy as could be.

Ri’Chard Jones
Age 8
Illustrator Breena Nuñez

Ri’Chard Jones is eight years old and in the third grade. He loves to run, write, and play video games. He is named after his ancestors, and believes he can use his voice to change the world.

Breena Nuñez is a cartoonist and youth art educator based in Oakland by way of San Bruno, California. Her gateway into the world of comics began with reading Sunday funnies such as the Peanuts and Garfield the Cat. Years later, Breena’s interests have shifted into the world of indie comics and zines due to the wide array of self-published stories hundreds of artists create all over the world. She currently creates her own comics based on her personal experiences with being a first-generation Central American from the Bay Area.

Chapter 510 is a made-in-Oakland youth writing & publishing center. Our teaching artists and volunteers work side-by-side with educators to provide a safe space and supportive community for young people ages 6–18 to bravely write.

Our vision is that every young person in Oakland learns to write with confidence and joy.

150,000 words | 1,500 students |50 books
Help our students’ words take shape.
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